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Commencing roleplaying!

Since this community has obviously been slightly inactive for the past while, I've decided just to go ahead and begin the roleplay. Mine is below!

It was a chill night, with a piercing breeze and light dusting of snow on the soft earth. The mountains loomed above the forest, white capped and icy, like huge white guardian angels. However, they saw only the tops of the trees, their evergreen needles inhibiting their view. Below the trees, creatures moved constantly, in the shadows and in the light. The air was scented heavily with the aroma of the pines, intensified through the sensitive nose of a lupine mascu. The wind blew the scent around him, filling his nose and leaving traces on his pelt. The freezing wind did not pierce his thick, rusty copper coat, but pressed it closer to his sleek form. A twig broke behind him, and he turned, black eyes hard and sharp. He growled low in his chest, but saw nothing. The growl evolved into a lonely, echoing howl that bounced off every form in the forest, sending the call for miles. He lowered his head slowly, sharp auds swiveled forward to catch any reply.
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