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A roleplaying community.

Wolven Soul- Advanced and Literate Wolf Roleplay
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Welcome to Wolven Soul, an advanced and literate LJ community for people who enjoy roleplaying wolves or other similar creatures. Here you can discuss roleplaying, give suggestions and constructive criticism, and find other roleplayers. Once the community grows, a roleplaying session can start. Feel free to e-mail me for more information.


1. You must be "literate". Yes, that means you have to be able to read, and yes, that means you must be fairly skilled at roleplaying.
2. Try and use correct grammar and spelling if possible. Though we won't hurt you if you don't. :)
3. Be nice.
4. No elemental, winged, or other horribly disfigured characters, please.
5. Post more than two sentences during a roleplay.
6. Please fill out the form below with a little information about yourself!


1. Your name:
2. Age:
3. Other Types of Roleplays you might do:
4. Favorite bands (xP):

Once you post, the other members of the community will comment and decide whether to allow you to join. I have the over-ruling hand in everything though. *cackle* I'm nice, really.