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1. Your name: Angel
2. Age: 15
3. Other Types of Roleplays you might do:...probably just wolves...

Character Info:
Name: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 1yr (barely out of puppyhood)
Color: Snowy white with grey tones
Eyes: light icy blue
Personality: quiet and alone...
History: Only survivor of her pack due to poachers, she is wandering, searching for a pack...

::A small, thin grey-white wolf lopes near the edge of a strange pack's land, smelling air rich in boundary marks and searching for it's inhabitants. She stops, staring intently at a white shape huddled under a pine. She bounds toward it in foolish, puppyish glee, only to have her meal, a white rabbit, dodge out of sight into the thorny brush. She whimpers, then whines, then lifts her head in a sorrowful howl. She sees a dark shape in the snowy forest, the shape of a wolf. Assuming that he is the leader of the nearby pack, she lowers herself and whines, waiting for his reply...:
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